Martial arts Manga

Martial Peak

HMartial Peakby Momo (II)

#511 chapters published (Ongoing)

ActionAdventureFantasyHistoricalMartial Arts

The Strongest God King

The Strongest God Kingby Edge Man Cartoon

#39 chapters published (Ongoing)

SupernaturalActionMartial ArtsFantasyWebtoons


HApotheosisby Ranzai Studio

#493 chapters published (Ongoing)

ActionFantasyMartial ArtsShounen

The Great Deity

The Great Deityby Kim Geon Hui

#114 chapters published (Ongoing)

ActionAdventureMartial ArtsWebtoons

Yuan Zun

Yuan Zunby Tian Can Tu Dou (天蚕土豆)

#55.5 chapters published (Ongoing)

ActionComedyMartial Arts

Urban Fairy King

NUrban Fairy Kingby Boyi Animation

#57 chapters published (Ongoing)

ActionMartial artsSchool lifeWebtoons

Goddess's Personal Doctor

NGoddess's Personal Doctorby Island Project

#14 chapters published (Ongoing)

ActionFantasyMartial arts

Path of the Sword

Path of the Swordby Holy Spirit Animation Studio

#19 chapters published (Ongoing)

AdventureFantasyMartial ArtsWebtoons

Oversimplified Scp

Oversimplified Scpby Scp Foundation Writers, 松(A・typecorp.)

#120 chapters published (Ongoing)

HorrorMartial artsPsychologicalSci fiSupernatural

I'm An Evil God

I'm An Evil Godby Shidai Man Wang

#35 chapters published (Ongoing)

FantasyMartial artsWebtoons

Flawless Metropolitan Divine Emperor

NFlawless Metropolitan Divine Emperorby Donkey Rider(骑驴夫子)

#7 chapters published (Ongoing)

ActionComedyHaremMartial artsSchool lifeWebtoons

Lang Huan Library

Lang Huan Libraryby Sheng Ling Studios

#77 chapters published (Ongoing)

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyMartial Arts

Matchless Emperor

Matchless Emperorby Two Dimensional Animation

#24 chapters published (Ongoing)

ActionFantasyMartial artsWebtoons

Strongest Anti m.e.t.a

Strongest Anti m.e.t.aby 初樱社

#125 chapters published (Ongoing)

AdultAdventureFantasyMartial arts


Micahby Zhiyin Animation

#41 chapters published (Ongoing)

ActionFantasyMartial ArtsShounen

Koi Lemon

Koi Lemonby Azuma Tesshin

#6 chapters published (Ongoing)


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